Rockwasser + Immer Noch Nicht Satt
Once Upon a time…,on a dark night in April 2002, I sat alone and abandoned in the tabernacle of the world’s best Stammtisch (Mexico `01), staring so in my beer. Somehow once again everything Sucks Balls and anyway had again something new to come, but not as collect the category Stamps or rabbit-breeding club, but something really official. On the way home suddenly got the idea: “We make a band!”. Dat da nich rather a draufgekommen is ?! Ha, all right, there was the idea, now it just yet, the plan into action …

The next day, I went directly to the search for accomplices and found them more or less quickly. Since she was now, our band with the occupation:

01. Immer Noch Nicht Satt (03:19)
02. Narben Dieser Zeit (03:21)
03. In Der Hand (02:16)
04. Auf Los! (02:51)
05. Keinen Tropfen Mehr (03:00)
06. Grenzenlos Und Frei (02:50)
07. Was Ich Nicht Weiss (02:44)
08. 10 Tode (02:37)
09. Kein Zurueck (04:35)
10. Was Wir Waren, Was Wir Sind (02:37)
11. Diese Zeit Vergisst Man Nie (02:17)
12. Tausend Volt (03:36)

Alex: Drums
Matze: Guitar
Michi: Bass
Rainer: Bass
Thomas: Guitar
Bierholer: Yorrow
Management: Maddin


Rockwasser – Immer Noch Nicht Satt 2015

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