RANDY HANSEN - Funtown - front
RANDY HANSEN is most notably known for his guitar virtuoso sound and interpretation of Jimi Hendrix, but the veteran axeman has musically a lot to say by his own. “Funtown” is Randy Hansen’s new album including 15 tracks of killer retro-fied, old-school heavy guitar rock mojo that will trip your good musical brain into the outskirts of infinity.

01: Funtown
02: Save America
03: Odd Ball
04: Mind Controller
05: Paramount
06: Izaiah
07: Two Wonderful Dragonflies
08: Leave The Last Door Open
09: Underwater Lazarium
10: Lookout My Love
11: Keep On Keepin On
12: Fight ’em By Myself
13: The Pain
14: X-15
15: Personal Disneyland

RANDY HANSEN - Funtown - back
Randy Hansen (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, drums)
Desmond Hansen (drums on ‘The Pain’)


RANDY HANSEN – Funtown (2016)

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