ROA13Not confused with the Glam Metal band of the late 80s, this is an interesting project which combined some of the greatest vocalists in the Heavy Metal / Hard Rock worlds. The album is dynamic, ranging between the AOR genre to the tougher side like Heavy Metal. Each singer contributes to the songs his own style of singing and music, therefore don’t expect something fresh. It was really great to listen to Harry Hess of the SCAREM HAREM fame on vocals providing his finesse to this project with the song “See You Walking By”.

I thought he could made a better effort. The song sounded as if it was taken out of FIREHOUSE‘s “Category 5” release. Robert Hart of BAD COMPANY taught a little lesson of how to create a true Hard Rock song with “Through It All“, the verses are interesting with changing of scales, a path of development into something with potential and that what we get with a strong chorus that can easily stick like superglue. Great work on lead guitar, played by Neil Fraser of TEN, besides, TEN got a lot of presence here. Danny Vaughn of TYKETTO proved that his voice didn’t change at all from the band’s golden years of 80’s Metal. I can describe the song “Over And Over” as a mix between TYKETTO and JOURNEY, it doesn’t have any interesting progress but it is sure catchy and memorable in the vein of “Wings“.

It was fairly easy to recognize Ralph Scheepers‘ voice on “Falling”, a song that seemed like a ballad taken from a PRIMAL FEAR album but with a little bit AORish touch by the keyboards. This is one of my favorite songs of the album, it has the softened side aside to the roughness of Scheepers‘ singing. The rhythm section during the lead part caught my ears with its diversion, and got even stronger than the lead guitar playing. Yet in overall, I didn’t find it as something that I haven’t heard before. We meet again Danny Vaughn on “Spinning Wheel” a much better example of a great song in comparison to his earlier display. The keyboards work is plain amazing, made by the idle hands of Ged Rylands, which reminded me the classic years of Jon Lord. I really enjoyed the soloing and also the exchange of melodies between the keyboards and guitars. Although an instrumental part, the track “Requiem For The Forgotten Soldier”, undoubtedly this is the best track out of this album, it has something that will cut your heart to pieces when you will hear the guitar work, with the participation of Ralph Santolla, Martin Kromlund and Vinny Burns. The main melody makes the guitar bleed, it succeed to transfer the emotion of the saddened melody.

Generally, the album is nice but not more than that, I didn’t find here any song that will really knock me off my chair. Good solid AOR songs combines with heavier moments of Hard Rock. The good example for that is the closing album’s song “We Live, We Breathe, We Die“. I would put this album in my car while I wishing to relax and enjoy my ride, but nothing more.
01. Dreamworld
02. See You Walking By
03. Through It All
04. Over And Over
05. Prelude For The Gods (Instrumental)
06. Falling
07. The Beating Of Your Heart
08. Spinnin Wheel
09. Requiem For The Forgotten Soldier
10. We Live, We Breathe, We Die

Ged Rylands – Guitars, Keyboards,Backing Vocals
Martin Kronlund – Guitars
Pera Johansseb – Drums
Michael Carlsson – Bass Guitar
Neil Fraser – Guitars
Tommy Denader – Guitar
Vinny Burns  – Guitar
Matti Alfonzetti – Vocals
Harry Hess – Vocals
Robert Hart – Vocals
Danny Vaughn – Vocals
Ralph Scheepers – Vocals
David Reed Watson – Vocals

Password: Plotn08


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Rage Of Angels – Dreamworld (2013)

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