2008 frontThis albums feels like some ‘mainstream’ American HC/New Rock men are trying to play it melodic the same time they decided they should not be that rebellious against today life’s daily routine. Really, this is a weird album, bearing in mind you should give it more than half a dozen of spins to confirm you’re listening to this specific blend. But, I give limited chances to – eventually – enjoy it. I could not even find the official site of the band. Neither written in the back if the promo CD nor listed in the label’s website. The petite historic data featured in Escape Music’s certain section says POLLUTION is a quintet located in Switzerland(?) with some 8 years of existence and live slots for KROKUS, SIDEBURN and John Coghlan (STATUS QUO). Their first album, herein reviewed, was recorded in 2007 with CORONER axeman Tommy (Vaterli) handling the production.

As soon as Reality broke loose, a wide smile appeared. In the AIRBOURNE ‘fresh’ vein, Reality’s tempo and basic riff is a killer; and then comes the vocals part. Hmm, naaahhh. What I did see – and had the chance to figure out throughout the whole album – is that Pascal Gwerder’s throat is not adequate for POLLUTION’s songs. Also, bearing in mind the first song is one of the most ‘heavy’ ones in the CD, imagine what’s going on when the band’s trying to be melodic.
Also, the production would be good for some more New Heavy band, but – with the voice relevance and the New Rock tension of the band’s members – I think all this factors cannot link that easily. It seems like AC/DC, GREENDAY and DOGS D’ AMOUR, THERAPY/SOUL ASYLUM and ‘new’ METALLICA songs are performed by some was one HC crew of tattooheads that were recently in the trying of also adopt some Melodic ‘new’ Rock/Metal lessons. I really don’t know if this amalgam will convince you giving in.
P.S.: Creation Of Hate’s metallum convinced me, though…

01. Reality
02. Hard Work
03. Overheated
04. Same S*** Different Day
05. Love It Or Hate It
06. Don’t Know
07. Paid Soul
08. Obsessed
09. Going Down
10. Sweet Little Girl
11. Wicked Moment
12. Creation Of Hate
13. Five Years

Andreas Betschart – bass
Armin Betschart – drums
Marcel Betschart – lead guitar
Matthias Betschart – rhythm guitar
Pascal Gwerder – vocals

Password: Plotn08


Polution – Overheated 2008

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