Wow, do these guy BRING IT. I was dubious before hearing this that it might be just another example of run-of-the-mill, melodic Scandi-rock. Man, was I wrong. Put Nuno Bettencourt in Def Leppard and let them cook up some ferocious party rock and you’d get this album. The two words that come immediately to mind are CLEAN and TIGHT. Of course, those come to mind after the words, IN YOUR FACE. The guitar is up-front in the mix to showcase Lars’ Nuno-style fingerwork, which gives it a frenetic feel very much like Extreme minus the funk. Then there are the choral vocals which evoke Leppard to the hilt (“Are We Lovers”). Another comparison is the Holland album (especially on “Out In The Night”). There’s a slight Axl Rose quality in Jonas’ voice at times, but not annoying like Axl’s could be. Good mix of song feels, not merely a one trick effort. Speaker-shredding production (although I could’ve used a bit more drums in the mix). All-in-all, fantastic stuff for maximum rockage.

01. Out In The Night
02. Call
03. Sign
04. Rock Doll
05. Are We Lovers
06. Beautiful Ice
07. Belinda
08. Ready For Love
09. Love Running Child
10. Got Me Going
11. Get Over

Joakim Aberg – Bass, Keyboards
Lars Boquist – Guitars
Jonas Blum – Vocals
Daniel Gese – Drums

Additional Musician:
Lars Hultman – Bass on tracks 1,2,8,9,11

Password: Plotn08


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Pole Position – Pole Position (Japanese Edition) 1993

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