PLAYDEAF - Super Sexy Market 2015Playdeaf – Super Sexy Market pounds their Metal Riffs and Rhythms right into your Skull. How these guys are not all over the radio yet is beyond me. There are probably at least three songs which I can see having the ability to take over the airwaves. In a time where radio is basically rounded off by a handful of bands, Playdeaf maybe our answer to breakaway from the control which has been bestowed on us.

1. Alien Baby
2. Super Sexy Market
3. Meet the Press
4. Anna Nicole
5. Torque
6. Grow It Yourself
7. Inconvenience Store
8. Cheaters
9. Right Behind You
10. Scream for Love
11. Struggle Whore
12. Jet Black Cadillac
13. Broke as Hell
14. Grow It Yourself (Remix)
15. Scream for Love (Video Mix)

Password: Plotn08



PLAYDEAF – Super Sexy Market 2015

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