3CD set – 56 tracks – Digitally Remastered.Overpak, a digipak shaped book holds 3 CD’s with attached book inside an outer slipcase cover. CD Two: Live album released in 1978 as “It Is time For Peter Allen”. Recorded at three different sites: The Roxy and the Bottom Line in Los Angeles, as well as the Avery Fischer Hall in New York.

The Songwriting Years
1-1 –Peter Allen Honest Queen
1-2 –Peter Allen 5 O’Clock In LA
1-3 –Peter Allen The Lives Of Me
1-4 –Peter Allen Dixie
1-5 –Peter Allen Tenterfield Saddler
1-6 –Peter Allen Just Ask Me I’ve Been There
1-7 –Peter Allen Pretty Pretty
1-8 –Peter Allen I Go To Rio
1-9 –Peter Allen Back Doors Crying
1-10 –Peter Allen I Honestly Love You
1-11 –Peter Allen This Time Around
1-12 –Peter Allen Just A Gigolo (Schoner Gigolo) (Reprise)
1-13 –Peter Allen (I’ve Been) Taught By Experts
1-14 –Peter Allen Harbour
1-15 –Peter Allen Six-Thirty Sunday Morning / New York I Don’t Know About You
1-16 –Peter Allen Planes
1-17 –Peter Allen I Could Have Been A Sailor
1-18 –Peter Allen Two Boys
1-19 –Peter Allen Angels With Dirty Faces
1-20 –Peter Allen I Still Call Australia Home
The Concert Years
2-1 –Peter Allen Love Crazy
2-2 –Peter Allen She Loves To Hear The Music
2-3 –Peter Allen Everything Old Is New Again
2-4 –Peter Allen Interesting Changes
2-5 –Peter Allen I Honestly Love You
2-6 –Peter Allen Continental American
2-7 –Peter Allen The Natural Thing To Do
2-8 –Peter Allen The More I See You
2-9 –Peter Allen As Time Goes By
2-10 –Peter Allen Intermission / I Honestly Love You
2-11 –Peter Allen Don’t Wish Too Hard
2-12 –Peter Allen Don’t Cry Out Loud
2-13 –Peter Allen Tenterfield Saddler
2-14 –Peter Allen Puttin’ Out Roots / This Sideshow’s Leaving Town
2-15 –Peter Allen I Go To Rio (Extended Version)
2-16 –Peter Allen Quiet Please, There’s A Lady On Stage
2-17 –Peter Allen Audience
The Star Years
3-1 –Peter Allen If You Were Wondering
3-2 –Peter Allen Don’t Leave Me Now
3-3 –Peter Allen I’d Rather Leave While I’m In Love
3-4 –Peter Allen We’ve Come To An Understanding
3-5 –Peter Allen Paris At 21
3-6 –Peter Allen One Step Over The Borderline
3-7 –Peter Allen Fly Away
3-8 –Peter Allen Bi-coastal
3-9 –Peter Allen I Don’t Go Shopping
3-10 –Peter Allen Hit In The Heart
3-11 –Peter Allen I Could Really Show You Around
3-12 –Peter Allen Somebody’s Angel
3-13 –Peter Allen Simon
3-14 –Peter Allen Arthur’s Theme (Best That You Can Do)
3-15 –Peter Allen Not The Boy Next Door
3-16 –Peter Allen Once Before I Go
3-17 –Peter Allen Sure Thing Baby
Bonus Tracks
3-18 –Chris & Peter Allen Waltzing Matilda
Medley #1
3-19a –Chris & Peter Allen Come Rain Or Come Shine
3-19b –Chris & Peter Allen Rain, The Park And Other Things

Peter Allen ‎– Singer – Songwriter: The Anthology 1998

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