Nikki Puppet - Power Seeker (2008)“Power Seeker” is the third and latest to date studio album by German Glam metal/hard rock band “Nikki Puppet” released in 2008. The band features girls Anke Sobek on bass and singer Nicky Gronewold and boys Florentin Adolf on drums and Christos Mamalitsidis on lead guitar.
Musically “Power seeker” does not deviate much from the path layed by their previous two albums, it is actually the same poser hard rock, perhaps slightly less political this time and more fun oriented. Now, “Niki Puppet” coming from Germany and the album for that matter being mixed in Germany by “Accept” guitarist Herman Frank, you can expect a considerably heavier glam sound in comparison to the majority of Scandinavian and American acts. And to their credit, “Nikki Puppet” play their glam/hard rock in the most forceful way.

Specifically Chris is a versatile guitar player, fluent in his lead parts and shredding solos while Florentin turns out to be an adaptable drummer moving from the locomotive, Tommy Lee-like drumming to more heavy metal rhythm paterns depending on the structure of the song. Nikki is also an admirable vocalist, although coming out more as a protestant singer rather than a seductive voice and might require some getting used to by some fans of the genre.
Overall “Nikki Puppet are a competent glam metal quartet that have almost established their personal style within the genre. One expects that the band will manage to combine their aggressive and technical performance with even catchier compositions on their follow up album.

01. Destroy This Toy
02. I Can Dream
03. Power Seeker
04. Pricks
05. Falling in 2 Pieces
06. 300 Warriors
07. Yia Sou Saloniki
08. I Spy
09. Come Back
10. Daddy Yells
11. Blind Race of Ice
12. Scream
13. Turn Back Time

Nicky Gronewold – vocals
Christos Mamalitsidis – guitar
Anke Sobek – bass
Florentin Adolf – drums



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Nikki Puppet – Power Seeker (2008)

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