Nightshade - Men Of Iron
Nightshade: Dead of Night (DR012) Is the quintessential classic hard rock album for the latter part of the ’90s. Actually, for the entire decade. Vocalist Jonathan Scott K. and guitarist Rick Pierce are veterans to the rock scene, having been the primary writing team in visionary metal band Q5 for years. Q5 featured Floyd Rose [tremolo inventor] in the line-up (a detail that I’m sure the band is tired of hearing). Also, many die hard rock fans may remember Rick from ’80’s commercial metal band TKO. Nightshade is the best thing to come out of Seattle (and happen to rock in general) in years!

1. Speedburner 04:44
2. Commit The Night 05:03
3. Dreamland 06:29
4. Curtain Falls 05:04
5. The Quest 08:30
6. This Thing Kicks 03:43
7. Blood & Iron 07:06
8. Sin’s Good Men’s Brother (Grand Funk Railroad cover) 04:56
9. Immortal 06:29
10. Nobody Better 04:55


Nightshade – Men Of Iron 2001

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