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Bad men shaved with makeup, fake hair and tight pants. So erotic to give the five guys from Nasty Bulletz from the Palatinate toward the perpetual stereotypes of hair metal. Not only the boys, but also for their new 12 tracks strong debut work “Right Time To Rock You” fits the outward appearance: boobs and guitars.
Enough about the appearance of testosterone pregnant Mannerärschen in spandex and philosophize from the player with the disc!

Nasty Bulletz open (as expected) a plate full of sleaze and shallow heavy sounds. The handset will rock skillfully through the past and finds flawless 80s sound. Really awesome homemade glam, but the applied unfortunately not quite the vocal power, which was the size of the past decades so extremely striking. But could their current releases are sometimes loosely cut two slices from the German five-pack! It is by creating positive, but always simplem structure of the songs created an interesting album that presents itself where so groovy but also like groovy songs very versatile. To cite just one example, is about “Make Me Stay” a successful power ballad, then the subsequent song “Right Between The Eyes” is explosive, fast and dirty. The situation is similar with “Got To Do It Tonight” (which I can personally recommend out tip) and “Loaded Gun”. Varied it’s really hard. The listener never knows what to expect from the next track. The strong short-lived just 47 minutes ride in the time machine ends with “Rock You” in a classic and rather unaufregend.

1. Really Gonna Rock
2. Deal With The Devil
3. Tonight Is The Night
4. Keep Breaking My Heart
5. Girl Is Mine
6. Make Me Stay
7. Right Between The Eyes
8. Kissing You Goodbye
9. Got To Do It Tonight
10. Loaded Gun
11. First Strike
12. Rock You

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NASTY BULLETZ – Right Time to Rock You 2013

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