VIXEN - Vixen [Japan remastered 2006] front
Monster Magnet, perhaps, the most brilliant representatives of stoner metal, retro-modern music course, based on Advanced Member hard rock. Upgrading deployed meditative jams and riffs ultraheavy luminaries of the ’70s (Black Sabbath, Blue Cheer, Hawkwind, etc.),using experience space rock, grunge and psychedelia, Monster Magnet have come a long way to achieve recognition. With the submission of an unknown well-wishers team for a long time attributed to the Nazi ideology to which the band had nothing to do. Ironically, free from bias and to achieve real success they had in the late ’90s, when the best days of stoner metal in the past.

All songs written by Dave Wyndorf unless noted otherwise.

“Crop Circle” – 5:32
“Powertrip” – 3:31
“Space Lord” – 5:55
“Temple of Your Dreams” – 4:35
“Bummer” – 7:35
“Baby Götterdämerung” – 3:09
“19 Witches” – 4:02
“3rd Eye Landslide” – 5:10
“See You in Hell” – 4:05
“Tractor” – 3:26
“Atomic Clock” – 5:06
“Goliath and the Vampires” – 4:13
“Your Lies Become You” – 4:1

Japanese bonus tracks
“Big God” – 5:58
“Kick Out the Jams” (MC5 cover) – 2:35
“The Game” – 4:54
A Limited Tour Edition was also released with a bonus CD entitled “Viva Las Vegas (live in Las Vegas)”. The Japanese version contains this bonus CD and 3 bonus tracks on the original.

Viva Las Vegas (Live in Las Vegas)
“Temple of Your Dreams” – 5:34
“Dinosaur Vacuum” – 5:19
“Baby Götterdämmerung” – 4:00
“Cage Around the Sun” – 8:18
“Bummer” – 7:35
“Space Lord” – 9:32


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Monster Magnet – Powertrip 1998 [Digital Remastered +12 bonus] 2016

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