Year: 2016
Style: Heavy Metal/Instrumental
Country: Brazil

01. Another Part Of Me (Guitar Opera) (From “Moonwalker”)
02. Rise From Your Grave (From “Altered Beast”)
03. The Graveyard (From “Ghouls’n Ghosts”)
04. Ride Until Sunset (From “Sunset Riders”)
05. War Of The Clones (From “X-men 2: Clone Wars”)
06. Day 1 Terraport, Day 6 Bamboo Mill (From “Vectorman”)
07. Dragontoad (From “Battletoads & Double Dragon”)
08. Turbo Tunnel (From “Battletoads”)
09. Agrabah Market (Prince Ali – Instrumental Metal) (From “Aladdin”)
10. Main Theme (From “Kid Chameleon”)
11. Night Of The Mutants (From “Comix Zone”)
12. Last Springsteen (From “Contra: Hard Corps”)
13. Stage 1-1 (From “Mega Turrican”)
14. Military On The Max Power (From “Gunstar Heroes”)
15. From Duckburg To Transylvania (From “Quackshot”)
16. Alleycat Blues (From “Tmnt: The Hyperstone Heist”)
17. Tornado Is Approaching (From “El Viento”)
18. Back To The House (From “Splatterhouse 2”)
19. Flash Of Sword (From “Valis: The Fantasm Soldier”)
20. Harrier Saga (From “Space Harrier II”)
21. Du-Di-Da!! (From “Ristar”)


Megadriver – Rise From Your Grave 2016

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