AOR project Mecca present here the cover of her new album “III”, which is expected to be released until the summer via the company Frontiers Records. AOR project Mecca is currently recording their third studio album and through their facebook page, you can get a sample from the song “Set Me Free”. Mecca is a project started by singer Joe Vana and Jim Peterik (Survivor).

I was asked for a sample of where we are at….this is a ROUGH scratch vocal, keys by David Browning and Tim Akers….drums by Shannon Forrest (our producer as well) and Bass by Bill Syniar…the song is “Set Me Free”…penned by us….most bands would never post an unedited, one take off of tape….we aren’t your average band (From FB)

1. Take My Hand
2. Unknown
3. Alone
4. Gone
5. Cry
6. A Kiss on the Wind
7. Let It Go
8. Believe

Total Running Time: 33:45

Joe Vana (vocals)
Shannon Forrest (drums)
David Hungate (bass)
Tim Akers (keyboards, vocals)
David Browning (keyboards)
Joey Vana (guitar)
Mark Baldwin (guitar)

Uploaded Turbo

Mecca – Mecca III 2016

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