MAXIMUM once had been a band that seems to have been born unlucky. Hailing from Boston they play the L.A.-sound, signed a deal with major Enigma Records at the end of the Eighties, went into the studio, recorded an album, just to see the label go belly up. But not enough of that, because of the starting Grunge-wave (Lord, what did we do to deserve it?) no label was interested in the sound of MAXIMUM, so the band subsequently split!Via Iron Glory, or rather their sub-label Sunset, we finally get to hear the never released album! It contains typical L.A.-Poser Metal, which had been typical for that time. No Sleaze, but Party Rock in the style of RATT, MÖTLEY CRÜE or SKID ROW.

The song-writing would have placed them among the better bands back then, but as I had been subject to the heavier US-Power Metal or Thrash back then, I had no real interest in this sub-genre. Although I still like albums like “Invasion Of Your Privacy” by RATT or “Shout At The Devil” by MÖTLEY CRÜE. Somehow I admire the courage of Dr. Vinnie Stikk, ehm, Andi Preißig to release such a CD, because nowadays there are not many Poser Rock-fans left. But the number of posers has risen into the sky!!! Now they play in diverse Black, Gothic or True Metal-combos and are worse than ever!

Who likes handmade, well done Party-Hard Rock won’t make a mistake with “Just For Kicks”. The CD really is better than the pompous cover


  1. Just For Kicks
  2. Strictly Sexual
  3. Candie Sweet
  4. Lil’ Liar
  5. Dancer
  6. Pennies From Heaven
  7. Live It Up
  8. Missing You
  9. One More Shot
  10. Here Come Those Tears
  11. Baby Stay
  12. Mistake
  13. Paint Me A Picture

Jim Gray – vocals
Danny Kopko – guitar, vocals
Craig Lapointe – bass
John Blout – drums, vocals

Password: Plotn08


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