CoverAfter their successful second album “The Savage And The Grace” and their exciting tour with OMEN in Spring 2015 MASTERS OF DISGUISE felt the need to return to their musical roots and to make tribute to their dedication to the US Metal of the 1980s. Before beginning work on their third, regular long player, MASTERS OF DISGUISE releases the EP “The Fine Art Of Aging Gracefully”

off their own bat, recorded & mixed by Coldsmith, mastered by Eroc. It introduces an unforgettable renaissance of the 80s US Metal scene, and MASTERS OF DISGUSE feel it their duty to uphold the spirit and feeling in modern times, they bring new life into US-(Speed) Metal classics.

01. Torture Me (Omen Cover)
02. Goblin‘s Blade (Heathen Cover)
03. Battalions (Metal Church Cover)
04. Back To Reign (Agent Steel Cover)
05. Master Of Disguise (Savage Grace Cover)
06. Frost And Fire (Cirith Ungol Cover)

Mario Lang – Bass (ex-Berserker, ex-Massgrave, Roxxcalibur, ex-Griffin (live), ex-Savage Grace (live))
Kalli Coldsmith – Guitars (Abandoned, Revenant, ex-Arathorn, ex-Silent Decay, Roxxcalibur, ex-Jameson Raid, ex-Griffin (live), ex-Kalögena, ex-Savage Grace (live))
Alexx Stahl – Vocals (ex-Viron, ex-Seduction, Roxxcalibur)
Jens Gellner – Drums (ex-Deztroyer, Into the Abyss, Riff-Raff)
Wolle – Guitars (rhythm)

Password: Plotn08



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Masters Of Disguise – The Fine Art of Aging Gracefully (2016) EP

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