Honestly, for a singer who takes his moniker from a famous serial killer and often wears his bikini underwear on the outside when he performs, I expected something more outrageous from Maryann Cotton and band on Free Falling Angels.  Then get a glimpse of the picture below. Now conjure up an impression of what you might hear from a band who wants to cultivate 70’s and 80’s glam and shock rock akin to, well, you know who. Maryann Cotton is Jackie Patino, son of Hal Patino, also in the band, noted for his work with King Diamond and recently, Pretty Maids.

It’s not that there’s not some rockers on this album. But songs like Heaven Send For Me, Free Falling Angels and Night Train to Paris don’t fit the image or the inherent sensationalism that should permeate ‘shock’ rock. Here’s hoping that others songs including Get It On, Die in Britain, or Shock Me get more enthusiastic treatment when played live. That last song suspiciously familiar, a play on the Velvet Underground’s Sweet Jane.

However, you should read to much into this, with a talented band made up mostly of ex-King Diamond members, they songs are well-composed and well-played. But they seem played with near sterile efficiency, no flaws expected. As suggested above, when the tunes placed side by side with image, something doesn’t quite add up. Nevertheless, Free Falling Angels can grow on you, and has moments of interest and entertainment.

01 Heaven Send For Me
02 Never “Waste” Land
03 Crazy
04 Get It On
05 Free Falling Angels
06 Nighttrain To Paris
07 Die In Britain
08 Miss Misery
09 Shock Me
10 The One
11 “Maryann”

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Maryann Cotton – Free Falling Angels 2012

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