Mark Seymour & The Undertow • Mayday6
Song writing is a strange obsessive business. Tossing chords and words in the air, the iphone in record on the benchtop. I reach for the guitar, then put it down again.. I walk. I run. I cannot rest. “Noodling” it’s called, staying slightly ahead of a thought left hanging like the very riddle of existence, the one that provoked you in the beginning, churning forever in the dark little room of your mind. One day a phrase caught your attention. It cried out to be sung. You looked for the melody that rang true, under your breath at first, then a little louder, closing the garage door when the singing turned into a scream.

1. Home Free 04:26
02. Football Train 03:17
03. Two Dollar Punter 04:18
04. Irish Breakfast 04:31
05. Courtroom 32 04:41
06. Fifo 03:57
07. Carry Me Home 03:24
08. Oblivion 04:00
09. Asylum 04:06
10. Thirsty Old Men 04:31
11. Kosciusko 04:16
12. Luckyland 04:05
13. Red Flags 03:53

Mark Seymour – Vocals, Guitars
Cameron McKenzie – Guitars
John Favaro – Bass
Peter Maslen – Drums
Label: Liberation Music.
Released 29 May 2015.


Mark Seymour & The Undertow – Mayday 2015

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