CoverMad Fellaz II is generously seasoned with the complex flavours of Canterbury styled prog and at times is lightly spiced with the drive and aggression of rock. Above all else, it is an album that displays the freedom of spirit that the inclusion of jazz influences can provide. Mad Fellaz II is an album that combines the best elements of Canterbury styled prog with the warming reassuring predictability and challenging unpredictability that an infusion of jazz and rock influences can offer.

Stylistically, the album ranges from National Health-like instrumental passages to very occasional forays to a fuller quasi big band sound as beloved by bands such as Ian Carr’s Nucleus. Nods to Santana, Gilgamesh and King Crimson also peep through in the band’s lengthy compositions. The combination of so many contrasting styles creates music that is spaciously vibrant, always distinctive and often unique. 

1-Hollow Shell
2-Blood Pressure I
3-Blood Pressure II
4-Me Gusta
5-OVO (Of Virtual Omniscence)
6-Moslem Sabbath
7-Meet the Gooroo

Paolo Busatto – guitar
Marco Busatto – drums
Carlo Passuello – bass
Enrico Brunelli – keyboards, sax
Rudy Zilio – flute, clarinet, keyboards
Lorenzo Todesco – percussions
Jason Nealy – guitar
Anna Farronato – voice

Password: Plotn08


Mad Fellaz – Mad Fellaz II (2016)

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