CoverFormed in 2002, Brazilian band Lothlöryen are an interesting inter-breeding of Folk, Prog and Thrash Metal; a sort of Jethro Tull meets Metallica meets Bellowhead alongside some strong Children Of Bodom and Behemoth influences.

The name Lothlöryen refers to the forest realm of the Elves in Tolkien’s The Lord Of The Rings and their brand of fantasy-based, myths and legends Folk Metal fits in remarkably well with the titans of Folk Metal; those bands from the Nordic regions that exemplify the genre such as Finntroll and Ensiferum. Lothlöryen do stand out from the pack though with occasional flourishes of Yngwie Malmsteen, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Genesis and Pink Floyd getting a look in alongside the sultry speech of Stephen Hawking(!) on 3 of the albums 12 tracks; admittedly that’s the only downside.

Daniel Felipe has a great vocal range, which suits this genre well, and with Leko Soares (Guitar), Tim Allen Wagner (Guitar), Leonardo and Marcello Godde (Keyboard and Bass) providing very well produced and calculated musicianship it’s left to some great transition drumming from Marcello Benelli to complete the package and create an album that’s well worth a listen….even if Folk Metal often feels like Devil Horns with elderflowers on!

It’s always great to hear bands trying to push boundaries and Lothlöryen do it successfully. Principles Of A Past Tomorrow is clean down the middle and apart from acquiring a little too much of their influences sound on occasion – Kamelot also being one, so no real complaints here – this is one album that demands repeat spins and definitely won’t be relegated to the USB of Doom!

01. …a Journey Begins 03:41
02. Heretic Chant 04:22
03. God is Many 06:11
04. Time Will Tell 04:23
05. Manipulative Waves 05:42
06. Night is Calling 04:48
07. And Dowland Plays 00:53
08. The Convict 05:14
09. The Quest is On 04:54
10. Who Made the Maker? 00:43
11. The Law & the Insider 05:44
12. Wavery Time 05:52

Marcelo Godde – Bass
Marcelo Benelli – Drums
Tim Alan Wagner – Guitars
Leo Godde – Keyboards
Leko Soares – Guitars
Daniel Felipe – Vocals

Password: Plotn08


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Lothlöryen – Principles Of A Past Tomorrow (2015)

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