Loonypark - Unbroken Spirits Live in Us 2015
Krzysztof Lepiarczyk from Krakow is a very active musician and composer who is known for several musical projects, one of which was the pop rock band Meteopatę, who released an album called “Muzycznie będzie ślicznie” in 2007. He also played with the rock (although at the same time somewhat eclectic) band Liquid Shadow, who released the album “Spectrum” in 2004 – just as they spilt up (the album is actually a collection of songs recorded in 2001 – 2003), and the reactivated Neo Prog band Nemezis. In the latter Krzysztof found himself in a kind of substitute role for the absent keyboardist Wojciech Nowakowski when the band got back together, though he didn’t play any part in the writing of their material, which was essentially refreshed and re-recorded existing material from many years ago. However, as a composer he had already written most of the material recorded by Meteopatę and Liquid Shadow.

01. Failed game (05:10)
02. Upside down (05:06)
03. Treasure (07:00)
04. Awakening (06:31)
05. A Star (04:39)
06. Unbroken spirit lives in us (07:06)
07. The End part I (03:06)
08. The End part II (04:13)

Скрыть Band
Krzysztof Lepiarczyk / keyboards
Sabina Godula-Zając / vocals
Grzegorz Fieber / drums, percussion
Piotr Grodecki / guitar
Piotr Lipka / bass


Loonypark – Unbroken Spirits Live in Us 2015

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