Pricked with positive guitar strokes, the Danish Rockers KUKO DE KOBRA, mark their second record with “A Girl And Her Giraffe”. Taking pride with their classic influential music dating back to BLACK SABBATH, THE BEATLES, SOUND GARDEN AND HENDRIX, the four-piece have emphasized highly on these legends in this upcoming album.

‘Ocean Wide’ makes for a grungy opening to proceedings, while second track ‘Fitzroy Road (Head in the Oven)’ is an utter joy, melding the paisley underground of the mid-eighties to a melancholic chorus heavily redolent of new miserable experientialists the Gin Blossoms. It’s a nigh-on perfect mix of influences, but the sum of the parts is so, so much more – an early contender for song of the year, anyone?

Elsewhere ‘Be, Leaf ‘ is an impressive piece of epically-constructed classic rock, right down to the gritty vocals and fantastic guitars that duel their way to the end of the song in best seventies style. Quasi-title track ‘A Beautiful Girl and her Giraffe’ is a pulchritudinous piece of acoustic whimsy, given a whiff of Americana with some nicely placed instrumentation,

I was attracted to this release by a press release that promised an album ‘somewhere between Motley Crue and Husker Du’ and while that’s as far wide of the mark as it’s possible to get in seven words, it does hint at the breadth of influence and ambition at work here. Always interesting, never less than captivating, Kuko de Kobra have simply come up with a boundary-transcendent album that will delight wherever it’s heard. Highly recommended.

1. Ocean Wide
2. Fitzroy Road (Head In The Oven)
3. Pieces Missing
4. Silence The Killer
5. Remember
6. PRBN (It’s Only Love – Give It Away)
7. Shake It
8. Undecider
9. A Wrong Decision (Dizzy Miss Thin Lizzy)
10. Lone Bird On A Long Wire
11. Jenny
12. Be, Leaf
13. A Beautiful Girl And Her Giraffe
14. Jesse Owens And The Secret Message


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Kuko De Kobra – A Girl and Her Giraffe 2015

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