Knock Out Kaine know what they’re doing. That’s the bottom line about this 5 track EP. If Thunder are too clean for you or Bang Tango are too sleazy for you then KOK sit right in the middle to keep everyone happy.

Take the song writing craft of Thunder, the guitar blues and under-stated shred work of Luke Morley then add the swagger and attitude of the sleaze genre and you’ll hear it all in one scoop of KOK. Instead of the usual GNR, Crue wannabes, this lot have written a perfectly balanced ROCK EP that will appeal to a broad spectrum of fans. Opener ‘Set The Night On Fire’ is the perfect choice to introduce this UK four piece. It may not be totally original but in the days of trend-following sheep bands that get success for nothing, they show that they can write an old skool classic style song.

Second song ‘Time’ is a slowed down, brooding effort that has hints of Dangerous Toys or Danger Danger and, whilst not my favourite on here to start with, it’s got enough within it to keep it from the skip button and is definitely a grower. Stand out track ‘Little Crystal’ follows it up and here we get to see a little more sleaze rock stand out and you can imagine this track on heavy rotation on Headbanger’s Ball back in the day. Anthemic chorus and blistering solos are to the fore yet always in a controlled context – this is the song that makes me want to see them live to see if they can transform it to the stage? ‘Coming Home’ is your ballad for the day and it does exactly what it’s meant to – sweeping guitars, emotional lyrics and layered vocals make it a pleasant treat. These types of songs have been done to death over the years but KOK have done themselves proud with this effort. ‘Going Down (She Goes)’ finishes us off with more of the same and is only missing a cowbell to get the full marks!

If you’d have told me that this was an ’80s American band’s new comeback EP, I’d have believed you. The fact that it’s by four band members in their twenties from The Midlands makes it even better.

01.    Set The Night On Fire
02.    Time
03.    Little Crystal
04.    Coming Home
05.    Going Down

Dean Foxx – Voce
Jimmy Bohemian – Chitarra
L F B – Basso
Danny Krash – Batteria

Password: Plotn08


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