I’ve been listening to King Lizard‘s debut album for a couple weeks now and it just seems to get better with every spin while begging to be cranked at high volume. Forming eight years ago, London’s King Lizard have had ample amounts of time to create this sleaze metal masterpiece — and recruiting producers Andy Brook and the infamous Chris Tsangarides add just enough professionalism to this dirty and sordid album.

If the x-rated artwork didn’t tip me off that I was about to sucked into one of the most radical albums of 2010, the opening screams of the title track surely did. A downright filthy song, “Viva La Decadence” goes right for the throat with exploding vocals and wailing guitar work… the type of track that would turn any band into underground legends. King Lizard could have regurgitated that opening song over and over again and still have ended up with an incredible album, but these guys aren’t content with playing it safe. Whether it be the more traditional metal approach of “Rain On You”, the heavy bass driven “Rock N’ Roll Me” or the Guns N’ Roses inspired ballad “Not For Me”, King Lizard keep things fresh while staying true to their sleaze rock roots. Throw in the anthem “Kan’t Kill Rock N’ Roll” and the closing party launching “Late Nite Dynamite” and you have the recipe for success.

With screams that rival anything Axl Rose has ever created and riffs that would make Zakk Wylde jealous, King Lizard has successfully recreated the sound of decadence. Not to mention the band screams ‘hey’ at least 40 times (I eventually lost count), but not once do the shouts sound out of place.

I better stop playing Viva La Decadence or I’ll be fitted with hearing aids in no time as I’ve been blasting this one since the day it arrived. Without an ounce of filler King Lizard looks to single-handedly revitalize the London rock scene — and judging by their debut release they are more than capable of that task. Viva la decadence, viva King Lizard and viva the return of sleaze!
01. Viva La Decadence 03:36
02. Rain On You 04:10
03. Rock N’ Roll Me 03:08
04. Hell Yeah 03:42
05. Video Lover 03:13
06. Kan’t Kill Rock N’ Roll 03:25
07. Never Be Mine 06:05
08. Not For Me 05:10
09. Riot 05:20
10. Taste The Hate 02:58
11. Outrageous 03:11
12. Late Nite Dynamite 03:54

Flash Roxx Sawyer – lead vocals, piano
Niro Knox – lead/rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Alice Rain – bass, backing vocals
Sky London – drums, backing vocals


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King Lizard – Viva La Decadence 2010

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