123 One the bands with one of the coolest name is here upon us, Killer Bee. These guys are veterans, back from the 1990s, they hanged around for like seven years, recorded three albums only to part ways later on. 2011 saw their comeback with an album, two years afterwards and they continue their swift return with their fifth, EVOLUTIONARY CHILDREN.

The album’s opener, ,,Children Of The Evolution” shed a great feeling, it’s an epic song played in slow tempo with some magnitude. In contrast to the former, regarding sound and structure, ,,A Little Too Old” is more than Glam Metal meets Hard Rock, 80s to mid 90s with a profound guitar sound along with Brian Frank pushing it hard on the vocals. Actually the entire release shares glares of the old Hard Rock fame, like Deep Purple for example. Like on any early Glam Metal with a Hard Rock twist, there is the power ballad, ,,Dust Of An Angel”.

01. Children Of The Evolution
02. A Little Too Old
03. All The Things You Say
04. Let’s Dance
05. Now’s The Time
06. Ride On
07. Got Your Number
08. Dust Of An Angel
09. I’m On Fire
10. Gimme A Taste
11. Maybe Baby
12. Scream It
13. If We Die Tomorrow

Brian Frank – Vocals
Anders LA Ronnblom – Bass
Morgan Evans – Drums
Jimmy DeLisi – Lead Guitar
Denny DeMarchi – Keyboards / Rhythm Guitars

Password: Plotn08


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Killer Bee – Evolutionary Children 2013

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