Kezia - The Dirty Affair (2015)
Italy seems to be pumping out a #$#Tload of new music and bands, via a great number of independent labels, with various degrees of success and some interesting bands, actually popping up every now and again. Most of the Italian musicians are rather capable in terms of instrumental prowess, but on the other hand, their ideas tend to vary a lot when it comes to songwriting, with most of them not being able to assimilate their local/ethnic influences but rather purposely or by accident seem to totemistically wear then on their collective sleeves.

1. Before I Leave
2. Ebola
3. The Dirty Affair (Between Pelican And Bear)
4. Sneakers
5. Barabba Son’s Song
6. Quendo
7. Preludio
8. Treesome


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Kezia – The Dirty Affair (2015)

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