Kamchatka - Long Road Made Of Gold
When listening to LONG ROAD MADE OF GOLD you can really tell this is a band who took their time to make a great album, not a bunch of songs thrown together. There’s a certain playfulness to this album, both in the performance as well as the song arrangements that has a stronger presence than before Buckle up and get ready for a joyous a ride as Kamchatka take the listener to a couple of places the band never visited before without losing its trademark sound. Album opener ,,Take Me Back Homestarts” starts with a banjo to underline the journeyman vibe and then twists and turns into a grooving progressive riff fest. The album title is a combination of two songs this time, the sly blues chanting bottleneck song ,,Long Road” and the ferocious shuffle beat of ,,Made Of Gold”. There’s no lack of uptempo rockers either and the first single ,,Get Your Game On” is surely proof of this with its steady beat and uplifting sing a long chorus.

01. Take Me Back Home
02. Get Your Game On
03. Made of Gold
04. Human Dynamo
05. Rain
06. Who´s to Blame
07. Mirror
08. Slowly Drifting Away
09. Long Road
10. To You

Thomas “Juneor” Andersson – Guitar & vocals
Tobias Strandvik – Drums
Per Wiberg – Bass, keyboards & vocals

Password: Plotn08


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Kamchatka – Long Road Made Of Gold 2015

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