Jaffar - Murond Necrohol
Taylor Davis of Mismanage provides guest vocals in track 11.Natalie Gjersten provides guest gang vocals in track 8.
Danny Harrington provides guest vocals in tracks 4, 7, and 12.

01. Melmond (An Age Of Lovers)
02. Machanon (An Age Of Praise)
03. Canaan (An Age Of Blood Loss)
04. Baron (An Age Of Deceit)
05. Regole (An Age Of Discovery)
06. Vector (An Age Of Civilization)
07. Cosmo Canyon (An Age Of Lights)
08. Esthar (An Age Of Corruption)
09. Madain Sari (An Age Of Growth)
10. Bevelle (An Age Of Fear)
11. Aht Urgan (An Age Of Exploration)
12. Rabanastre (An Age Of Acceptance)


Jaffar – Murond Necrohol 2015

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