Ever since getting into hard rock and heavy metal music back in 1984, I have always automatically equated those genres of music with the English language. In other words, the lyrics from these types of bands had to be in the English language. While it might seem ignorant on my part,

I have always thought that any worthwhile band or at least its lead singer would learn the English language if it wanted to have any sort of musical career in the hard rock/heavy metal world. Sure, I knew that there must be some groups that perhaps stuck to their own native tongue while playing their brand of hard rock/heavy metal but surely these bands were not experiencing any kind of success or longevity for a sustained time period. My preconceived notions were shattered when Sleaze Roxx contributor and Polish resident Fat Peter recently sent me (thank you Fat Peter!) two albums, 1993 Rok and Mój Dom, from Polish hard rockers IRA.

Track List:
01. 1993 Rok (“1993 Years” in English)
02. Sen (“Sleep” in English)
03. Sex (“Sex” in English)
04. Woodstock (“Woodstock” in English)
05. Wiara (“Hope” in English)
06. Szatan (“Satan” in English)
07. On a (“Her” in English)
08. Deszcz (“Rain” in English)
09. Taki Jestem (“The Way I Am” in English)
10. Zew Krwi (“Call For Blood” in English)
11. Podróż (“Travel” in English)
12. Wyznanie (“Confession” in English)

Band Members:
Artur Gadowski – lead vocals
Kuba Płucisz – rhythm guitar
Piotr Łukaszewski – lead guitar
Piotr Sujka – bass
Wojciech Owczarek – drums


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IRA -1993 Rok

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