1475022340_97bb9f15aa700fef65252c78dbe13416Artist: Ingranaggi Della Valle
Album: Warm Space Blue
Country: Italy
Genre: Progressive Rock
01. Call for Cthulhu (feat. Fabio Pignatelli) [Orison]
02. Inntal
03. Call for Cthulhu (Through the Stars)
04. Lada Niva
05. Ayida Wedo
06. Call for Cthulhu (Promise)

Davide Savarese: vocals, glockenspiel and dry Rodhes MkV on “Kajura”
Mattia Liberati: Hammond B3, Mellotron M400, Mellotron M4000, Fender Rodhes Mk V, MiniMoog, MiniMoog Voyager, piano and backing vocals
Flavio Gonnellini: electric guitars and backing vocals
Alessandro Di Sciullo: electric and acoustic guitars, Moog Minitaur, Mellotron M400, Mellotron M4000, Roland TR 808 and TR 909, Akai MPC Touch, Korg Kaoss Pad KP 3, electronics, backing vocals.
Marco Gennarini: violins and backing vocals
Antonio Coronato: electric bass
Shanti Colucci: drums and percussions
Fabio Pignatelli: electric bass and bass effects (1)
Florian Lechter: narrator’s voice (2)
Paolo Lucini: traverse flute solo (6)
Stefano Vicarelli: modular synthesis (5)



Ingranaggi Della Valle – Warm Spaced Blue (2016)

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