Indeego - Hellevator Music
A vague sense of unease grows within you as you approach the Hellevator. You screw your courage to the sticking point, and press the call button with a pointy stick (it looks really dirty.)

The door opens and you step inside. Ominous violin music plays as the world begins to swim around you. Nightmare images invade your vision, and nightmare smells invade your nose.
You decide to push one of the buttons before anything else gets invaded. Unfortunately, reality has been warped such that there are only four buttons available for you to push.

01. Rhythm Man
02. None the Wiser
03. Bitter Tongue
04. Symptom
05. Dig
06. Temporary
07. Whadda-U
08. Awestrich
09. Daddy
10. User


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Indeego – Hellevator Music (2015)

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