FrontThis looks like an interesting combination. Ken Greer and Myles Hunter have some serious Canadian musical pedigree behind them: Greer spent many years playing with Tom Cochrane and Red Rider, while Hunter has been solo and fronted the bands Avalon, Michael Fury, and the excellent Refugee.

Hitting the play button you find yourself, not surprisingly, presented with a definite amalgam of the aforementioned Red Rider and Refugee. The emphasis is really on songwriting and the closest thing I can liken it to is the live sound of Red Rider (which was always more direct) on the superb “Symphony Sessions” album. The new release also has a bit of a raw edge to it which kind of lends to this “live in the studio” intimate feel. Myles Hunter has always been an excellent lyric writer and this is the perfect vehicle for his considerable talents.

The songwriting is consistently good throughout and it is possibly the most mature release either of the two main men have been involved with. If you liked any of the previous releases these two have been involved with then you’ll dig this straight away. I hope it’s not too long until there’s a follow up release.

1. Aduren
2. Memphis Rain
3. Absolutely Yours
4. Highwire
5. Dream Baby Dream
6. Dying of Love
7. Love Ain’t Worth Nothin’
8. 20th Century New Salvation
9. Psalm 94
10. Take Me as I Am
11. Songs About Peace
12. Shelter Valley Road

Myles Hunter lead vocals
Ken Greer guitars
Randy Cooke drums

Password: Plotn08



Hunter Greer – Tales From Stoney’s Bar and Grill (1995)

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