HOTEL DIABLO — the new Hard Rock supergroup featuring vocalist Rick Stitch (LadyJack, ex-Adler’s Appetite), guitarist Alex Grossi (Quiet Riot), bassist Mike Duda and drummer Mike Dupke (both of W.A.S.P.) — are releasing their full-length debut “The Return To Psycho, California”.The CD was produced by Gilby Clarke (ex- Guns N’ Roses), with additional production by Matt Starr (Ace Frehley).

Every once in a blue moon a band comes along and makes you take notice.
This newly formed California based act is comprised of veteran musicians that know exactly what they want.
And what they want, their mission, is simply Rock You hard.
You may remember vocalist Rick Stitch from his stint with Adler’s Appetite. Rick reminds me in attitude of a young Steven Tyler or Axl Rose, although not in his way of sing or tone. He handles a set of pipes that have a huge vocal range and draws you right in with his electrifying melodic timbre.
Guitarist Alex Grossi delivers a compact bunch of impressive guitar riffs on this recording, finding much more room to articulate his six-string abilities than in the previous bands in which has been involved.
And a remarkable pillar in this band is the rhythm section of Mike Duda and Mike Dupke holding down the pulverizing beat.

“’The Return To Psycho, California’ is a collection of stories, true stories, experienced during a time when our lives were filled with mind-altering shots of wretched adrenaline,” says singer Stitch.
“Strings got bent, knobs were turned and an uncontrolled visceral energy screamed life” into what has become “Psycho, California”.
And indeed Hotel Diablo cranks out some serious infectious riffs here, accompanied by catchy lyrics, the kind written from the heart that makes you stop and Listen.

Since the first track “Taken”, you know Hotel Diablo have what it takes for super stardom. Their music is powerful updated hard rock but also has the exact doses of melody and swagger to rock your socks off.
Other highlights in the CD are the melodic hard rocker “Set It Off” with its tap footing rhythm, the heartfelt semi-ballad “What You Do To Me” that reminds me Slaughter, and the stomping “Psycho, California”, driven by an irresistible killer riff and dirty lyrics [explicit].
But all tracks, more or less, are appealing.
On “Bury You”, the first single, the band explores a different territory, adding keyboards to the mix and some acoustics. The cut has an obvious radio-rock intention, but works very well in conjunction with the rest of the material on offer here.

Over the last few years there has been a dilution of real rock to a more modern version which many people refer to as the ‘Nickelback’ sound.
Hotel Diablo turn back the clock to the days of real rock, great songwriting, killer tone and amazing vocals, all backed up by great musicianship.
With the history and pedigree of the band members Alex Grossi (Quiet Riot & Adler’s Appetite), Rick Stitch (LadyJack & Adler’s Appetite) and Mike Duda & Mike Dupke of W.A.S.P., you should expect, at least, solid rock music.
Let me tell you, “The Return To Psycho, California” is more than solid. It’s vital, hot and melodic. It is refreshing to hear lyrics that make you feel and guitar melodies tangled in a web of emotion.
If you like real down to earth guitar driven Hard Rock with an edgy feel but full of melody, don’t miss Hotel Diablo.
Highly Recommended.

01. Taken (3:03)
02. Set It Off (3:23)
03. What You Do To Me (4:19)
04. Psycho, California (3:40)
05. Bury You (4:06)
06. Wicked Lines (3:07)
07. All These Years (3:36)
08. Wonderwall (Oasis cover) (4:43)
09. Trigger (3:52)
10. Bury You (Alternate Version) (4:13)
11. What You Do To Me (Alternate Version) (4:07)

Line up:
Rick Stitch – Vocals (Ladyjack, ex-Adler’s Appetite)
Alex Grossi – Guitars (Quiet Riot)
Mike Duda – Bass (W.A.S.P.)
Mike Dupke – Drums & Percussion (W.A.S.P.)

Gilby Clarke (ex-Guns N’ Roses)
Matt Starr (Ace Frehley)


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Hotel Diablo – The Return To Psycho, California (2012)

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