A 2016 Re-Issue CD with new artwork including different photos in CD booklet. This is a limited pressing of only 500 CDs. This has a different track lineup from original release. The B-Sides CD was put together around 2000 as a bridge between the Helix studio CDs Half-alive and Rockin’ In My Outer Space. Some, like Danger Zone and S-E-X-Rated, were written by Hackman/Vollmer but never recorded until this disc was put together. The players on these songs were the original 80’s line-up of Brent Doerner, Greg “Fritz” Hinz, Brian Vollmer, and Daryl Gray.

Other songs were recorded by different Helix members at different times in the band’s history, ie. Delilah, which had Jeff Fountain on bass, Archie Gamble on drums, and Rainer Weichmann on guitar & producing. Some songs feature players who were associated with the band in some way or form: I Just Wanna Be Stoned (Tony Paleschi on bass, Bill Gadd on guitar, Archie Gamble on drums) and You Got the Love That I Like (Danny Broadbeck on guitar & producing). The rest of the CD features songs that were either never released or songs that were different recorded versions of the first release, ie. Jaws of the Tiger & Good To The Last Drop (radio re-mix) and Taking Candy From A Baby, which was the first song we ever wrote and recorded as a band. It’s about a 16 year old girl from Kapukasing, Ontario (I was 19!) named Marie. She was the first groupie I ever met! Inspiration! The biggest heavy metal band in Canadian history! With a catalogue of music that spans a history of over 30 years. With 5 gold and 2 platinum albums under their belt and millions of records sold around the world. Helix recently toured Europe including Spain, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark. The last time Helix toured Europe was with KISS in 1983 and in 1988 with Ian Gillan. Helix also appeared in Sweden June of 2005 at the Sweden Rock Festival. Helix appeared on the 2015’s MONSTERS OF ROCK BOAT CRUISE with some of the biggest and brightest metal/hard rock stars of the 80s’.

01 – Jaws Of The Tiger
02 – Danger Zone
03 – S-E-X Rated
04 – Delilah *
05 – You Got Me Chained
06 – Everybody Pays The Price *
07 – Good To The Last Drop (Tony Bongiovi Radio Re-mix) *
08 – Take It Or Leave It
09 – You’ve Got The Love That I Like
10 – Like Taking Candy From A Baby
11 – I Just Wanna Be Stoned *

Daryl Gray (bass, vocals)
Brian Vollmer (vocals)
Paul Hackman (guitar, vocals)
Greg Hinz (drums, vocals)
Mike Uzilac (bass)
Rainer Weichman (guitar)
Jeff Fountain (bass)
Archie Gamble (drums)
Danny Broadbeck (bass)
Keith Zurbrigg (bass)
Bill Gadd (guitar)
Tony Paleshi (bass)



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Helix – B-Sides [New Tracklist Re-Packaged Edition] (2016)

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