The 10-song release carried a sound representative of the changing landscape of hard rock at the time—Skid Row meets Mother Love Bone; or, as the band describes, equal parts Dirty Looks, Kix, and Alice in Chains. HARD KNOX promoted the album by plastering the town with full-size posters to support a continued onslaught of live gigs.

However, the hard rockin’, hard partyin’ lifestyle eventually caught up with them, and the band self-destructed before they were able to capitalize on the momentum they had built.

1. Freight Train From Hell
2. R.R. Tracks
3. Feels So Good
4. OGA
5. Psyco’s R Us
6. Not So Bad
7. Hairy Kari
8. You’re A Mess
9. Keepin’ Up
10. Pushin’
11. Don’t Point Your Finger
12. Pushin’ (Demo)
13. Will We Make It (Demo)
14. She Do It For Money (Demo)

turbo [full album]


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