Hanoi Rocks, the Strange Boys of glam punk and Helsinki’s finest rock n’ roll export, offer up this magnificent box set of their first 5 albums on 5CDs and 6LPs!

These are the complete albums and Include several of the group’s signature tunes such as “Tragedy,” “Motorvatin’,” “Don’t You Never Leave Me,” “Malibu Beach Nightmare,” “Back To Mystery City” and lots more!

1.Tragedy 04:06
2.Village Girl 03:03
3.Stop Cryin’ 03:55
4.Don’t Never Leave Me 03:59
5.Lost In The City 03:50
6.First Timer 03:04
7.Cheyenne 04:01
8.11th Street Kidzz 03:58
9.Walking With My Angel 02:13
10.Pretender 03:32
11.Motorvatin’ 03:12
12.Don’t Follow Me 03:16
13.Visitor 03:12
14.Teenagels Outside 03:22
15.Sweet Home Suburbia 04:42
16.MC Baby 03:01
17.No Law Or Order 03:39
18.Oriental Beat 03:08
19.Devil Woman 02:54
20.Lightnin’ Bar Blues 02:37
21.Love’s an Injection 03:21
22.I WantYou 03:15
23.Cafe Avenue 03:22
24.Nothing New 03:18
25.Kill City Kills 04:25
26.Self Destruction 02:44
27.Beer And A Cigarette 03:21
28.Whispers In The Dark 03:33
29.Taxi Driver 04:11
30.Desperados 03:58
31.Problem Child 02:00
32.Dead By X-mas 02:58
33.Strange Boys Play Weird Openings 00:43
34.Malibu Beach Nightmare 02:46
35.Mental Beat 05:02
36.Tooting Bec Wreck 06:11
37.Until I Get You 04:37
38.Sailing Down The Tears 04:09
39.Lick Summer Love 04:22
40.Beating Gets Faster 03:51
41.Ice Cream Summer 05:09
42.Back To Mystery City 04:55
43.Pipeline 01:57
44.Oriental Beat 03:14
45.Back To Mystery City 04:32
46.Motorvatin’ 03:21
47.Until I Get You 04:33
48.Menta Beat 06:06
49.Don’t Never Leave Me 04:38
50.Tragedy 03:48
51.Malibu Beach Nightmare 02:53
52.Visitor 03:13
53.11th Street Kids 04:25
54.Taxi Driver 04:39
55.Lost In The City 03:50
56.Lightnin’ Bar Blues 03:08
57.Beer And Cigarettes 03:20
58.Under My Wheels 03:01
59.I Feel Alright 04:45
60.Train Kept-A-Rollin’ 02:55


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Hanoi Rocks – Strange Boys Box 2016 [5 CD Box Set] PROMO

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