Are you in need of a new asshole? Maybe yours is worn out from years and years of being a drug smuggler, or maybe you’ve just eaten too much Taco Bell, or maybe you’re just looking to add a second to expedite your time on the toilet. Whatever the reason for your desire to have a second poop hole, Hammer Fight are here to help: their new song, “Target Acquired,” will definitely tear your taint in twain. Voilà! New brown eye acquired.

release date: Mar 25, 2016

1. Picking Up Change

2. Target Acquired

3. Into the Dark

4. Good Times in Dark Ages

5. Gods of Rock n’ Roll

6. Low & Broken

7. Private Stock

8. The Ulimate Sacrifice

9. Cell Mates

10. West Side Story

11 The Crate

12 Cult Of Conceit



Hammer Fight – Profound And Profane 2016

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