Haken have announced the completion of their fourth studio album, revealing that the record will be released on April 29 via Inside Out Music under the title of “Affinity.”

The announcement was presented in the form of an old-school operating system, you can check it out here.

Vocalist Ross Jennings explained: “It is the most collaborative we have ever been on an album. We wanted to develop and expand our sound by having every member contribute initial ideas from the very beginning of the process.

“It naturally takes longer to filter through the mass of material and fit it all together coherently, but this approach has helped to create something completely fresh whilst maintaining the core elements of Haken’s sound.”

The album sees the band once again joining forces with producer Jens Borgen.

The track listing was also unveiled, consisting of nine tunes, one of which crosses the 15-minute mark and two of which are around 9 minutes long.

The goods await below.
‘Affinity’ Track Listing

1. affinity.exe (1:24)
2. Initiate (4:16)
3. 1985 (9:09)
4. Lapse (4:44)
5. The Architect (15:40)
6. Earthrise (4:48)
7. Red Giant (6:06)
8. The Endless Knot (5:50)
9. Bound By Gravity (9:29)



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Haken – Affinity 2016

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