Grey Attack - Grey Attack 2015
On May 29th release the German band Grey Attack a self-titled debut album. If Mr. @ on the CD cover grim bares his teeth and skull bones sly fly over fantastic and mystical worlds, the music ends up almost automatically in the Old Aachener slaughterhouse. Since the guitar screams because the bass is pumping the driving beat. “>The industrial flair morbid origin fits perfectly with the congenial rock band from Aachen’s north. Here are “Grey Attack”, the aggressive gray market, whose guitar riffs make Saitenweise headlines at home. Here is – made solid handmade in chord – as earlier on the shambles. And simultaneously clicked the future in the Internet age. Just as in Freshart studio music producer Frank Stumvoll.

Grey Attack – consisting of the charismatic lead singer Grey Charlez, guitarist Wulff Maahn, bassist Frank Le Gov and drummer JFK – Appeared exactly one where earlier gallons of blood was shed. Real men just. Or from another planet? Risen they are now in a futuristic world – and with their brand new CD called “gray @ tack” in the luggage.
In general, the quartet studied musically very specific ways: crunchy rock songs such as “Let me go” and “Until I’ll Die” and brute ballad a la “I’ll be there” with hit potential have “Grey Attack” in the high-tech slaughterhouse Music Studio recorded. “The guys bring everything needed for a career in the rock industry,” says Stumvoll. “Spectacular song material, rousing dynamism on stage, real experience and the radical desire to rock music.

01. Let Me Go
02. Take Me Home
03. Black Rose
04. I Still Miss You
05. Inside Your Head
06. Best Friends
07. Untill I’ll die
08. I’ll Be There
09. Is This The Life
10. First Try In Second Life
11. Into The Future
12. Over The Rainbow

GREY CHARLEZ – vox & lead guitar
WULFF MAAHN – rhythm guitar
JFK – drums

Password: Plotn08


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Grey Attack – Grey Attack 2015

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