Genre: Heavy / Power Metal
Country: Germany (Gelsenkirchen)
The year of publishing:2010-2014

Sedna’s Revenge (EP)” (2010) (00:14:46) 192
1. Gloryful’s Tale
2. Sedna’s Revenge
3. Death Of The First Earth

The Warrior’s Code” (2013) (00:53:33) 320
1. The Riddle Of Steel
2. Gloryful’s Tale
3. Heavy Metal – More Than Meets The Eye
4. The Warrior’s Code
5. Breaking Destiny
6. Evil Oath
7. Chased In Fate
8. Far Beyond Time
9. Fist Of Steel
10. Sedna’s Revenge
11. Death Of The First Earth

Ocean Blade” (2014) (00:47:01) 320
1. Hiring The Dead
2. El Mare, E Libertad
3. Ocean Blade
4. The Master’s Hands
5. Cradle Of Heroes
6. Black Legacy
7. All Men To The Arms
8. McGuerkin On The Bridge
9. Siren Song
10. Ocean Legacy

Hartmut Stoof Drums
See also: ex-Deadsoil, ex-Symbiontic, ex-Absence, ex-Eroded (live), ex-Deviated Presence, ex-Siechtum
Vito Papotto Guitars
See also: Exotoxis, ex-Lethal Dawn
Shredmaster J.B. Guitars, Bass
See also: Night in Gales, ex-Deadsoil, ex-Intestinal Ulcer, ex-God Said War, ex-Bloodred Bacteria
Johnny la Bomba Vocals
See also: Nyari, V8 – The Army of Johnnys, ex-I Despise
Daniel “Danij” Perl Bass (2014-present)


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Gloryful – Discography 2010-2014 (2 CD, 1 EP) MP

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