It was quite a surprise that Rock’n’Rolf decided to cast anchor for the pirate ship named RUNNING WILD but at the same time it was a well-respected move since if an artist has stopped feeling it then it’s time to say goodbye. And then came “Shadowmaker” that I think failed to meet the pirate standards and also made me wonder why reactivating one of my favorite bands if there was no inspiration in place. The icing on the cake was GIANT X that was meant to be the brand new project of Rock’n’Rolf with Peter J. Jordan who were energized by the response to their “Burning Wheels” song that had already gained significant attention. Having already fresh the disappointment from TOXIC TASTE I was extremely skeptic and cautious before starting listening to “I” and…

…I was left impressed! Seriously, this album rocks and rocks hard! Apparently, there is some serious inspiration bouncing between the two musicians who managed to create a fresh sounding album that I am ashamed to admit it’s better than “Shadowmaker” (I guess this is why my Adrian tattoo feels a little bit itchy). “One Blind Spot” opens the album with a hard-hitting main groove and awesome lead guitar action that climaxes during the solo. The only cacophony here seems to be the drum sound that I think come from a machine so I will cut them some slack for this. Rolf sounds refreshed and totally energized having nothing to do with the cheesy music from TOXIC TASTE. Just listen to the driving riff of “On A Blind Flight” and try not to join Rolf and Peter during the catchy ‘oooohs’. And I will not be afraid to say that if you try a little harder you might see some a distant relation to the naivety of “Raise Your Fist”. This does not meant that you’ll find the epic riffs that Rolf used (yes, used) to serve us in every RUNNING WILD album but you will enjoy the slide almost bluesy action of “Badland Blues” and “Rough Ride” (CINDERELLA came to mind here…)  and have some THIN LIZZY fun with the bass driven “The Count”.

The RUNNING WILD references are nowhere to be found here but honestly I prefer it this way especially since “Shadowmaker” had nothing to do with the glorious past. I think Rolf feels good with this sound so who am I to disagree as along as he is not using the pirate vessel to carry the GIANT X banner. So, if you like Rolf vocals then GIANT X is a nice rocker with great guitar action by the two friends.

01. The Rise Of The Giant X Intro (0:34)
02. On A Blind Flight (3:30)
03. Dont Quit Till Tomorrow (3:57)
04. Badland Blues (4:32)
05. Now Or Never (3:37)
06. Nameless Heroes (4:17)
07. Go 4 It (3:42)
08. The Count (3:23)
09. Rough Ride (4:24)
10. Friendly Fire (3:27)
11. Lets Dance (2:58)
12. Soulsurvivors (3:55)
13. R.O.C.K (4:06)


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Giant X – I (2013)

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