FrontOn their meanwhile sixth record Frequency Drift achieve a true quantum leap. For instance, one can of course once again hear the complex soundscapes that have been a band trademark since the beginning and that provide the backdrop for the stories of the six Bavarians. This time, though, songwriters and producers Andreas Hack and Nerissa Schwarz have decided to create a livelier, warmer and all in all more challenging big picture. Never have Frequency Drift sounded more graphic, never was the listener able to sense, grasp, see and, indeed, experience the cinematic aspect of the band’s music. As soon as the lights in the auditorium have faded out, the story begins to take the listener.

On their new album Frequency Drift once more refuse to accept the commonly applied parameters of the genre as a binding requisite. This time around, again there is tremendous experimenting with the alienation of sounds in order to be able to portrait the ragged emotional landscapes of Last even more hauntingly. That is why not only the electric harp plays a leading role more than ever, but one can also hear the sounds of rather exotic instruments as the mellotron as well as the theremin. Also there are breathtakingly extraordinary adapted arrangements that make the emotional force of the music even more intense.

1. Traces (7:08)
2. Diary (5:31)
3. Merry (5:08)
4. Shade (5:52)
5. Treasured (8:25)
6. Last Photo (7:59)
7. Hidden (5:34)
8. Asleep (8:31)

Andreas Hack
 – keyboards, guitar, theremin
Nerissa Schwarz
 – e-harp, mellotron
Wolfgang Ostermann
 – drums
Melanie Mau
 – vocals
Martin Schnella
 – electric and acoustic guitars
Rainer Wolf
 – bass

Password: Plotn08


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Frequency Drift – Last (2016)

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