Forest Field is a new project that aims for an aurally caressing mix of ambient / new age and progressive rock. Sometimes these styles even flow into each other. Brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Peter Cox (Chinawhite – guitars, bass, keyboards, programming), with the help of (inter)national musicians like Phil Vincent (Legion, D`Ercole, solo – vocals), Sander Stappers (Tributor, Chinawhite — bass), Sue Straw (vocals) and Joris and Aukje Peeters (vocals).

The central theme on the album is Time. The instrumental odd numbered tracks all relate to a day of the week, where as the even numbered vocal tracks have lyrical content that in one form or the other has a link with the theme.

1. 2 Many Mondays
2. Imaginary Queens
3. Tuesday I Think
4. Phoenix for the Sunrise
5. Wonderful Wednesday
6. Set Me Free
7. Thursday Thunder
8. Looking for Someone
9. Freaky Friday
10. Time
11. Lazy Saturday Swim
12. Places Never Seen
13. Serious Sunday

Peter Cox – Chinawhite – guitars, bass, keyboards, programming, harmony vocals on 4, all vocals on 8
Phil Vincent – all vocals on 2, 6 and 10
Aukje Peeters – lead vocals on 4 and 12, harmony vocals on 4
Joris Peeters – lead vocals on 12
Sander Stappers – bass on 2,3 and 10
Sue Straw – harmony vocals on 4

Password: Plotn08



Forest Field – Pioneers of the Future (2013)

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