FrontThe number of albums on which FERDY DOERNBERG was involved, just never ends. That the workhorse of Bad Hersfeld beyond with ROUGH SILK and Axel Rudi Pell earned his living, and each would be known. But sometimes, the all-round talent hides in his own four walls and tinkers cheerfully and with a lot of dedication to a new solo record.

He has already made five times in the past and also in 2015 he buzzed many ideas around in my head, which he collected and who now saw the light of day under “orexigenic Songs For overfed People”. But now his sixth solo work goes beyond a mere collection of own ideas far beyond. Because on “orexigenic Songs For overfed People” there are two things that are especially worth mentioning: Firstly, these pieces have enormous draft, penned a man who not only knows his craft, but also behind it. They are varied and allow us to reflect. No song sounds like the previous one, although the handwriting Doernbergs is omnipresent. Many successful sound experiments (Hawaii Feeling and a little reggae here bouzouki sounds there) ensure amid the piano and guitar songs for even more versatility, you just never know what to expect in the next song on a.

On the other hand impressed by the long list of renowned guest musicians, who are responsible for the tremendous wealth of variety in “orexigenic Songs For overfed People”. Mike Terrana and Matt Gonzo Roehr (‘A Little Sad Song In G’) press with their contributions to the respective stamp on songs, Chris Caffery (Savatage) is also one of the party as Chris According to (OHRENFEINDT) and his harmonica. Who knows Doernbergs solo trips, know that especially lend the lyrics matter of the spice. So stand musically and in terms of the lyrics especially ‘The Dating Dilemma’, ‘My Personal Superhero’, ‘Clown Without A Circus’ and ‘Back Where I Belong’ out. But ‘My-soon-to-be-ex-wife Says’ and ‘Bad Decisions Make Good Stories’ are said by their – by idiosyncratic, charming way in anything – positive. And with ‘Sometimes My Penis Is A Little Bit Clever Than My Brain’ there is also something to smile about. Clearly, in the impressive number of 19 pieces, not every can be a real highlight, but just the rich diversity is the “orexigenic Songs For overfed People” really matters.

FERDY DOERNBERG in PELL he stands behind the keyboards, at ROUGH SILK also likes the mic, but on his sixth solo album, he makes even more unmistakably clear that he understands it as a singer / songwriter, quite simply great, deep music with a to provide little irony here, a little melancholy there and a tremendous amount of class to every nook and cranny on the legs. “Orexigenic Songs For overfed People” has become a very interesting album and is expected to everyone who wants can look outside the box and fixed-stereotyped thinking nothing can begin, a lot of joy. For those that prefer to wait for news from Axel Rudi Pell, only has to wait a few weeks, “Game Of Sins” stands with Ferdy on keyboards already in the starting blocks.

01. No Respect
02. Sometimes My Penis Is A Little Bit Cleverer Than My Brain
03. My-Soon-To-Be-Ex-Wife Says
04. Punkrock-Valentine’s Day
05. Leave The Rest For The Crows
06. A Sad Little Song In G (Feat. Matt Gonzo Roehr)
07. When The Northwind Is Calling Your Name
08. Clown Without A Circus
09. My Personal Superhero
10. Bad Decisions Make Good Stories
11. Orexigenic Songs For Overfed People
12. The Dating-Dilemma
13. Back Where I Belong
14. Rearviewmirror
15. I Hate Drunk People
16. Why Can’t You Just Be A Little Bit More Like Your Picture?
17. The Boogie (Feat. Chris Caffery)
18. Thank You
19. I Wonder What Jesus Would Have Said (Bonustrack)

Ferdy Doernberg: Lead Vocals, All Guitars, Piano / Keys & Hammond, und so vieles mehr…
Anke Doernberg: Bass
Curt Doernberg: Drums
Martin Doernberg: Violine
Alex Wenn: Drums & Percussion
Mike Terrana: Drums
Mike Mandel: Bass, Additional Rhythm Guitar
Ecki Huedepohl: Bass
Matt Gonzo Roehr: Guitar Solo
Chris Caffery: Guitar Solo
Peter Burrack: Upright Bass
Pete Newdeck: Synthesizer
Hinkel: Radiospeaker
Marina Ludolph: Tuba
& Sebi Stomper, Christof Stein-Schneider, Chris Zeller, Stefan Putnik: Background Voices

Password: Plotn08


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Ferdy Doernberg – Orexigenic Songs For Overfed People (2015)

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