FrontThis 1993 self-titled album was the only release from Christian melodic rockers Fear Not. The band, who was lucky enough to score a production job by the Elefante brothers, had a melodic rock sound that was somewhere between Mr. Big and early Skid Row, sort of like a harder rocking Guardian.

The album is chock full of catchy guitar hooks, great melodies, strong vocals, and songs you want to sing along to. The band is definitely pushing a Christian message, but it’s not so blatant as to preclude non-Christian listeners from enjoying the music.

I suppose it’s not all that surprising that the band never issued more than a single album. As good as they were, the musical climate in the mid 90’s wasn’t exactly friendly to long haired melodic rockers, Christian or otherwise. At least the band left behind an album that definitely should be a part of any Christian rock fan’s collection, and one that mainstream melodic rock fans should find quite enjoyable as well.

1 Give it Up
2. We Have a God
3. Mr. Compromise
4. Till the End of My Days
5. Suicide Sunshine
6. Money Money
7. Easy Come, Easy Go
8. There is Love
9. Mad World
10. Take Hold

Larry Worley-Vocal
Chris Howell-Guitar
Gary Hanson-Drums
Rod Romero-Bass

Password: Plotn08


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Fear Not – Fear Not (1993)

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