Fates Right Band - KnukleBuster Hits 2015 EPNews from Sweden fraction there of FATE’S RIGHT BAND. The somewhat cumbersome band name (a play on words to Fate’s Right Hand – the Schicksal’s right hand) is not thereby obscure the fact that the recently published EP “Knucklebuster Hits” certainly has potential. This has on the one hand to do that here NOCTURNAL RITES shouter Jonny Lindkvist hired and with twice the brothers Jari and Marko Aalto (guitar or bass) and Jonas Andersson (drums) and Jens man (guitars), a real strange occupation has arisen , Four songs have the Swedes seized on their EP, which they recorded in the country Garage Studios in Umea under the wing of Ronnie Björnström.

Legal timeless rocking with “Big No No” los the first song. The powerful voice of Lindkvist fits like chalk and cheese and the juicy rock’n’roll leaves a shiver crawling down your spine. The melodic “Learn To Live With A Broken Heart” is miles away from being cheesy, yet is easy knit. Slightly harder crawls “That’s Me” from the speakers and the final “This Boy Do not Cry” sounds most vigorously. After less than a quarter of an hour is already concluded, that’s too bad. But the quality is right and so there is not much there to complain about. “Knucklebuster Hits” delivers four cool hard rock numbers that certainly reveal a signature style and fun. Later this year, will take another EP in the attack Sweden. An album on the other hand includes the quintet at the moment of first. But we have nothing against the occasional bite when they are so knitted as “Knucklebuster Hits”.
1. Big No No
2. Learn To Live With A Broken Heart
3. That´s Me
4. This Boy Don´t Cry

Jonny Lindkvist- Vocals
Jonas Andersson- Drums
Marko Aalto- Bass
Jens Mann- Lead Guitar
Jari Aalto- Rhythm Guitar

Password: Plotn08


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Fates Right Band – KnukleBuster Hits 2015 EP

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