FrontAnother AOR jewel !, very good release, a little bit soft but with a really impressive bunch of songs and a singer that has a cristal clear and superb voice, amazing catchy melodies, awesome tracks with a real AOR vibe and a great hooks and above all a strong perfect sound production, in the Style of Daytona, Strangeways (Walk in the fire) or Boulevard!

Talking Bout Love “is their first single and one of the best songs on the album, which achieves harmony with that and so addictive that chorus,” Suzanna “another excellent piece of AOR with a chorus truly remarkable and that soft voice of his vocalist creates yto really a relaxing atmosphere. “Should Have Known Better” a ballad in the style of either 80 ‘, with batteries either firm and synthesizers and keyboards throughout songs and choruses to these several voices. “Turn Me Loose” perhaps the song most of the rocker disk but maintains that within the entire AOR sound. “Dreamin” a great song by far keyboard and synthesizer approaching quite the pop of the time.

A masterpiece for the fans of AOR that makes us wonder how come some of these bands did not break through the music indunstry!

01.Talking ‘Bout Love
03.Touch of Heaven
05.Should Have Known Better
06.Turn Me Loose
07.You and I
08.Don’t Ever Break My Heart
10. Dreamin’

Johnny Kanatschnig – vocals, guitars
Bernard Groinig – guitars
Claudio Ghidini – keyboards
Mario Kleinberger – bass
Harold Huber – drums

Password: Plotn08


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Fahrenheit – Talking ‘Bout Love (1989)

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