CoverHere in Brazil, some mutations occur on metal from time to time. Nowadays, it’s a tendency of metal bands that play power metal to mix it with modern Metal, creating a music that has aggressiveness and technique in equal parts, but with a strong melodic sense. Some of them area really great, and it’s a proof that Brazil can be a great cradle for metal bands.
And one of the most promising names on this generation comes from São Paulo city, and is called EYES OF GAIA. Their first album, “The Power of Existence”, is something astonishing!

The quintet focuses their energies to create a heavy metal way that sounds melodic, technical, but heavy and aggressive to the point of making our teeth ache in our mouths. They based their work on perfect vocals (using very good tunes, from clear ones to harsher voices, thanks to the presence of a special guest, Vitor Rodrigues who is VOODOOPRIEST’s vocalist, on “Until the Days Go Blind”), excellent guitars (with very heavy and abrasive riffs, melodic solos and catching duos), and the rhythmic catches makes the music very heavy, technical, and perfect. But some melodic keyboards create good and ethereal atmospheres, and give an elegant taste to the songs. The whole album is perfect due theses aspects mixed into a catching music, with good choruses.

Edu Falaschi (ALMAH’s vocalist), and his brother Tito (ZALTANA’s drummer) worked on the album’s production. Those who know these guys works can be sure that the sound quality is clear and heavy perfectly in both ways. They really did an excellent job.

The album is a masterpiece, but just to name some few songs as the best ones, “Big Daddy” here would point “Heart Never Lie”, “Until the days Go Blind”, “Hiden from the Light”, the heavy ballad “Wake Up Call”, and the catching “Stand Up Again” as the best songs of the entire album. But I have to say that the album, from the beginning to the very end is a masterpiece of pure perfection, and I dare to say this: “The Power of Existence” is a Metal classic, was born from a great will power from these five guys. Here in Brazil is not so easy to make this kind of music, you must know.

Excellent is just a mere word to describe what this album is…

1. Nightmare’s Beginning
2. Heart Never Lies
3. Until the Days Go Blind
4. Hidden from the Light
5. Rage of the Storm
6. Wake Up Call
7. Darker Wings
8. Full Power
9. Running Out the Time
10. Stand Up Again

Mário Kohn – Vocals
Bruno Tourino – Guitars
Paulo Virtuoso – Guitars
Rodolfo Liberato – Bass
Betto Cardoso – Drums

Password: Plotn08



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Eyes Of Gaia – The Power Of Existence (2015)

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