FrontEYE is a hard rock act based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Formed by the members of several other bands, the line-up presently consists of Ivan Höglund (lead vocals), Oz Osukaru (guitars), Mathias Rosén (keyboards), Jace Fevero (bass) and Matt Schelin (drums). Matt recently replaced Rob Degén who recorded the drums on 2 Hearts. They take their inspiration from the hair metal bands of the late 80’s and more up to date Scandinavian acts like H.E.A.T..

They sound like they’d be a blast live: they boast a cohesively fun vibe, numerous adrenaline-marinated hooks and more energy than a solar farm in the Sahara Desert.

On album, however, I’m not so convinced. The songs themselves have a pleasant sound and display plenty of top-drawer musicianship but, for me, the vocalizing is a serious sticking point. Ivan Höglund has a cool voice on the surface, but he hits the odd duff note, has pronunciation errors, and his tone seems at odds with the music the band plays. Live, these things wouldn’t matter because his charisma could carry him through. On record it’s much more noticeable, although it’s nothing that couldn’t be sorted with some clever tweakery…so next time things may be entirely different.

This isn’t an album I dislike. It’s full of charm and catchy writing but the sound isn’t balanced and the vocals, for the reasons mentioned above, grate. There’s little to pick between the songs. ‘These Tears’ with it’s Heart-style balladry probably takes the biscuit. None of the remainder are terrible but none are outstanding. I’ll have to reserve final judgment on the band for their first full-length release. For now, I’m sat on the fence with my feet hanging in the garden of negativity.

1. Lovers apart (Intro)&2.hearts (Lovers apart)
3. Without you
4. Restless dreams
5. These tears
6. How many roads (Demo)
7. Without you (Acoustic version)

Ivan HOglund – Lead Vocals
Oz Osukaru – guitars
Mathias Rosen – Keyboards
Jace Fevero – Bass
Rob Degen – Drums

Password: Plotn08


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Eye – 2 Hearts (2009) EP

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