Eufory - Flying Island Eufory 2015
The birth of euphoria at the beginning were drummer Miriama Hodoňová as a founding member of the band dates back to 2009. Post guitarist conquered her brother Stefan Hodoň. Initially dominated intention to euphoria formed as a revival groups playing mostly songs from the legendary Def Leppard. But the arrival of an experienced singer Ľuboša Senka in September 2009 to fill the empty place behind the microphone, the band began to move towards, say, a little harder Sound. At the turn of 2009 and 2010 to flourishing core of the band added another guitarist John Adámik. EUFOR group struggled with the problem of filling the post of bass guitarist. EUFOR to accept the offer very clever and purposeful Aďo Benca. In early 2014 guitarist Jano Adámik after a long hesitation, the band almost immediately and leaving him to his post and be replaced by an exceptional talented Peter Drábik. In spring 2014, the band takes the self-sacrificing manager Jarko Pliešovský and the end of the same year joins purposeful manager Stefan Dibdiak. In spring 2015, the band becomes the winner of Rock Off 2 in Kosice.

01. Chotar’s Intro
02. Flying Island Eufory
03. The Final Chime
04. Leave Me Alone
05. Cheers!
06. From The Other World
07. Book Of Life
08. Metal Is The Hero
09. Be My Brother
10. Melódia čierneho klavíra (Bonus Track)

Line Up
Ľuboš Senko – spev
Miriama Hodoňová – bicie nástroje
Števo Hodoň – gitara, spev
Peter Drábik – gitara, spev
Aďo Benca – basová gitara


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Eufory – Flying Island Eufory 2015

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