BandEnergy Strike
Info: Extra Formation
Style: J Melodic Power Metal
Years: 2010
Info: mp3 VBR
Info: 65 mb
Upload: Depositefiles
Info: :Japan
All star Japanese metal band featuring members of AZRAEL, GROUND ZERO, AREA51 etc. The band plays excellent melodic power metal like LOUDNESS and this CD so far has only been releasedin Japan, so it’s your big chance to grab this title now!!

?????? ????? ???????? ????????.???????? ?? ?????,?? ????????? ?????.??? ?????? ???????? ????? ????? AZRAEL, GROUND ZERO, AREA51 ? ??.????? ? LOUDNESS!


1.Hunger out
2.Riding on the sky
3.Strike back for your life
4.Under the war
7.Thunder force
8.Danger in this game
9.Running to your heart
10.One by one
11.Rise up again


Recording Engineer by Daisuke Takizawa
Mix & Mastering by
Bazooka Studio
Artwork by Katsunori Goto
Layout Design by Shirao

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